Hello world! I am writing on here because I can't seem to write any lyrics tonight. I don't know if it's because I ate too much pasta and am feeling half asleep, or if there is not enough change happening in my life right now to give fodder for inspiration. It's funny how I (and I'm sure all) songwriters will go through the longest periods with nothing at all coming to the pen, and then there will be times out of nowhere when the mind literally cannot keep up with the hand. It really is a surreal experience. Like you are not even the one doing the writing. Inspiration is something that is elusive and mysterious, and it truly shows up on it's own time. Can't be rushed.

I apologize for not writing on here more frequently, but I've been keeping busy (or trying to), with the creative side of things lately. Spending my time writing and honing my abilities as well as performing regularly in Vancouver. Fighting the winter the only way i know how which is to immerse myself fully in my craft. Last week I performed with three fabulous Vanouver songwriters for a songwriter in the round show (Tariq, David Newberry and Rick Maddocks), and on Wendesday I fly to Edmonton for a holiday show at the Artery. Playing at that show alongside Billie Zizi and Braden Gates. Looking forward to reconnecting with the tundra again this holiday season.

Writing and gigging writing and gigging writing and gigging. Say that ten times out loud.


New video released for, "Sorry"



Just a thought.

About the only thing you can count on for certain in life is that things won't ever stay the same. The nature of this universe is constant evolution. This is said by some to be a blessing and others a curse. I am most certain this is a blessing. Nature has a way of leveling the playing field for a while, until things are twisted turned upside down again, and this is just as it should be. The greatest pleasure is to sit back and reflect on the storyline when you're not in the thick of it, and the clearest skies come after the worst of the storm. If there was no dark how could you know light? The sad part is when you're illuminated you can't see the shadows, and when you're in the shadows you can't see the light. It takes a strong mind to remember either when the other is not there.

Want to host a house concert?

Hey folks. This coming April (roughly the 8th-20th)  I am planning a house concert tour of B.C. and Alberta. I'm sending out a request to anybody who would be willing to host a private concert in your house in any city or town from Vancouver to Edmonton. There are a few basic things neccesary to host one of these concerts;

-A house with an open space that would be ideal to set up chairs and put cushions on the floor to host a small audience (at least 20 seats)

-The willingness to promote the concert among your friends and family

-A friend or yourself would have to be on-hand to run door and ticket-taking duties

Here is a good article that goes into detail about the ins and outs of hosting a house concert:

If interested, please email at

Much love,


New plans, new tunes and new tour

Well the "Monday Morning" release was a success. The songs received attention from press like Exclaim! and the album has been added to 40 radio stations across Canada. It's been a nice month or so of down time, but that's about all I can take before I start to get antsy. I've got new songs brewing, and am beginning to miss the road already.

The plan is still to cozy up for the winter, but my intent is to release a new little EP before the spring, and book a tour for most likely mid-April. Tentative schemes to tour Ontario and Quebec are in the works as well. The plans right now are speculative but are solidifying themselves more and more. Even as we speak.

It's been a crazy few months, and it feels weird and nice to be idle. I sometimes feel guilty about it. Maybe that's something I need to work on...

Keeping you updated;


New live video

Hey folks! Check out this recording of "Sundrunk", taken from a show at CBC Plaza in Vancouver this past summer;


Tour wrap up, feeling satisfied

I'm now back at home in Vancouver after my run of shows to support Monday Morning. Feeling very warm and satisfied with the release of the new album. As always, it seems like the release day will never come, and before you know it you're looking back at all the months of hard work, now coming to fruition. The Red Deer show I mentioned in my last blog post was followed with gigs in Edmonton, Victoria and Seattle. All were lovely, and it was great to see some friendly faces and meet new fans along the way. Thanks to all who made the shows happen.

Feeling very grateful for my life tonight and for the ability to make music. Happy to live in such a gorgeous city as Vancouver and to be surrounded by such good company. The next couple months will be spent at a bit of a slower pace, but I'll be sure to be hitting the road again in the not too distant future. Probably some shows in eastern Canada will be in the cards, but I need a bit of recovery time after the past year of such hard work. I'm sure it won't take long for me to get antsy.

For anyone who hasn't heard the tracks from Monday Morning yet, you can hear them all for free on Soundcloud:

Keeping you updated,


New album out now!

Well folks, I'm sitting here at the hotel in Revlestoke, and I'm on day 2 of my album release tour. The release party was Thursday night in Vancouver. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen! The press response has been great so far. If you would like to preview all the new songs, follow the soundcloud link here:

Now I'm off to Red Deer to play at the Velvet Olive. I'll write a more detailed update on here soon.

Much love,




Click above to listen to songs from the new full-length album, “Monday Morning”.




April 29 / Vancouver, BC / Railway Club

June 6 / Courtenay, BC / Elevate the Arts more info

June 13 / Vancouver, BC / Skinny Fat Jacks