Album Release Recap

Well it's been about three months since the release of, "Swing and Sway", and I can't believe how much things have changed. I've made some life changing decisions since then, and am feeling optimistic about the new direction things are headed in.

Shortly after the album release shows, I boarded a plane for a two-week escapade through Israel as a reward to myself for my hard work. Fifty minutes after we had left Toronto, we felt an explosion from the left side of the plane. Half of the power went out in the aircraft. The plane had to dump the fuel mid-air and do an emergency landing back in Toronto -the pilot's mayday call was even posted to Youtube. We were never fully informed as to what happened, but there was an engine explosion that was very much visible from the window on the wing. Some say there was an engine fire, and some not, but the sparks were visible from the ground in Toronto. Was quite an experience, but Israel was amazing when we finally made it there a day later.

Life decisions and near-death experiences aside, the album release has gone well, and has received a lot of good press. The Edmonton Journal gave the album a 4/5 star review, which you can read here. Also Exclaim did a nice write-up which you can read here. The album has also been widely received by CBC, and has been heard on radio as far as Toronto. It's a nice feeling when someone somewhere appreciates something you worked so hard on.

I can't say what will be coming next for a little while, but I will be performing with a full band on April 27 at the Emerald in Vancouver. Would be lovely to see you there.

Much love,

"Swing and Sway" out now!

Well folks today is the big day. The new album "Swing and Sway" officially came out today, and you can download the whole thing for FREE on Soundcloud. You can also do me a favor and purchase it on iTunes. If you choose to download it for free, please help me out and share the album on your Facebook Page.


And the itunes link: here

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Single for "Swing and Sway" released as free download

I've just released the first single for the new album as a free download via Soundcloud. The song is called "Seize your Day". Please have a listen, and share if you like! The full album will be out on November 1.


New album "Swing and Sway" out November 1!

Yes it's true! The new album is ready to be released to your ears this fall, and there will be a run of tour dates across Western Canada following the release. Stay tuned for more information! Very excited about this one and can't wait to show it to you.

Much love,


Spring show/party in Vancouver!

If you are a Vancouverite, then you saw a March that had rain almost daily. Time to come out of your cave and interact with your fellow humans again! Venue is the Woods Studio (7 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver BC, V5Y). More info is posted here


Coming back to Edmonton

Very excited to be playing in my hometown this month! Live at Bohemia (10217 97st NW) Alongside local greats Liam Trimble and Alex Vissia. More details at this link!

Indonesia Recap, New Record, Tour Dates

Well, I survived Indonesia. There were certainly a few mishaps along the way, some of which included a stolen phone and lost debit card, but in the end it was a mind-bending and soul-freeing adventure. The trip was off to an interesting start right from the get go. I was under the impression that my flight was leaving for Taipei from Vancouver at 12:30am on the 13th, when reallly it was 12:30am on the 12th. I think it is obvious the mistake that was made. I was checking online to see that my flight was on time for the next day, only to be alerted that my flight was in fact departing in one hour and forty minutes. In a panic, I tossed my still wet laundry and whatever else I could think of in that moment into my backpack, and called a taxi for the airport. I was under slept and certainly not prepared for a 20-hour journey to Jarkarta. I did however make my flight and arrive safe and sound, if not severely sleep-deprived. I even had time to dry out my clothing by an air vent in the Taipei airport.

It really is eye-opening when you visit a country without the wealth of a first-world nation. It seems that in some ways they are much richer than we are. Although lacking in money and material goods, there is a kindness and warmth among the communities of Indonesia unlike anything I have  yet seen anywhere else. Although this may be a survival mechanism due to the lacking of sufficient resources, I found it truly beautiful. It seems the poor man in Indonesia is more giving and generous than the richest man in Canada.

I left with the intention of taking a vacation from music, however I seemed to find myself with a guitar or drum in hand everywhere I went. I even played a show on the Gili Islands, and performed in a drum circle on the beach. There were many late night/early morning beach jams, and I bonded with strangers through music wherever I went. I decided at the end of the trip that music is one thing in my life that I don't need a vacation from.

On that note, I am finally starting to record the new album next week. I'll be going into the studio to track the drums first, and over the next few months record and mix the rest of the album at my home studio, as I usually do. This will be taking place around a set of tour dates happening in April. Both full band and solo. Have a look over to your right; I'll be posting more information as it comes up.

Much love,


Recent Happenings and my New Puppy

Life has changed quite dramatically since I last posted on here. I got a puppy. An adorable golden retriever named Leo. I picked him up near Kamloops on the drive home from my last visit to Alberta in August, and he is the cutest, most lovable dog that has ever lived, I think. He barks when I ask if he is hungry. He loves every single human and object that he comes into contact with. After only three months on earth he was able to leave a treat without touching it until I gave him the word. How many three month old puppies do you know that can do that, I ask you? He is now close to six months old, and is no longer the little fuzz ball he was only recently. Just as lovable, though. I think I'm going to bring him with me on my next tour. Maybe I can train him to help out on stage.

In a mere two weeks from now I will be taking a solo trip to Indonesia. I feel the need to do some traveling for once that is not for music and is purely for soul-searching. It is important to have balance in one's life and to enjoy all different aspects of it. I will start in Jakarta and make my way through Java on to Bali and Lombok. I will be visiting numerous cities, volcanoes and temples on the way. It is also my hope that this trip will leave me recharged and creatively inspired to make the next album.

The new record is almost completely written and ready to go. I am putting the final touches on the songs and wringing any remaining creative juices out from my brain. I am happy with the new sound and am eager to record the songs. There is a new undertone in the music that was not there in the last three albums. I won't go too much into it and will leave it to you to listen. There are tour plans already in the works for the next while. Possibly a tour to Europe when the album is out. Time will tell. For now, keep checking back for updates on the new record and show dates.

Much love,



Observations of the Music Industry

Since my last post I've managed to write some lyrics. Quite a lot of lyrics, in fact. There has been a frenzy of writing that I'm sure will be followed by a period of furiously banging my head against the wall. This is the nature of songwriting. My tendency to be choosy is part of the reason it is taking me a while to release a new album. I'm the type of person that wants to put out something which I feel is my best work yet, not just a release of songs for the sake of releasing songs.

Aside from the creating of music, there is also the business side of things which has to be addressed. I don't think there is one musician alive who has not been frustrated with the music industry at one point or another. Be it the politically-corrupt aspects of it, the need for independent musicians to be so consistently self-promoting, or the cut-throat competitive nature of things -it is easy to become drained if all of this is not put in perspective.  I've been doing some thinking on what makes for a commercially "successful" artist or band in this today's music industry.

For myself, the love of creating music and the desire to share it has always trumped the less pleasant aspects of the music business, and this is still true today, however, in the past I would work myself to emotional and physical exhaustion for my music with the expectation of a certain outcome. The truth is, there is only so far you can take a music career with hard work alone. There is a point where it is up to other people to take your career to the next level -and there is no justification or fairness to the way this happens. Often, it is the music with the most financial backing that will be successful, or someone is lucky enough to be socially connected to a "gate-keeper" in the music industry. Of course, there is a certain amount that is up to the audience, but even this is often luck and due to sociological phenomenon. Think of the way fashion catches on. Someone "cool" or "important" thinks music is of good quality, therefore other people are more likely to think the same, which makes other people think the same, etc. If this catches on enough you've got a famous band (even if they really don't make the best music). It is due to this reason that I think sometimes musicians with little talent have massive success. Sometimes the ones with the biggest social influence dont have the most educated view of music, and almost any music (regardless of quality) will be bought if it is properly sold (ie; Justin Bieber, Nickelback).

One example of this in action is how acclaimed violinist Joshua Bell in 2007 performed in a subway station in Washington on a Stradivarius violin. Joshua is considered a genius, and a Stradivarius is considered a really, really nice violin. Nobody noticed. The context of him performing in a subway station was a more powerful agent to how people received the music than the music it's self. Now consider One Direction performing in a sold out statium. Something to think about.

Much love,



Hello world! I am writing on here because I can't seem to write any lyrics tonight. I don't know if it's because I ate too much pasta and am feeling half asleep, or if there is not enough change happening in my life right now to give fodder for inspiration. It's funny how I (and I'm sure all) songwriters will go through the longest periods with nothing at all coming to the pen, and then there will be times out of nowhere when the mind literally cannot keep up with the hand. It really is a surreal experience. Like you are not even the one doing the writing. Inspiration is something that is elusive and mysterious, and it truly shows up on it's own time. Can't be rushed.

I apologize for not writing on here more frequently, but I've been keeping busy (or trying to), with the creative side of things lately. Spending my time writing and honing my abilities as well as performing regularly in Vancouver. Fighting the winter the only way i know how which is to immerse myself fully in my craft. Last week I performed with three fabulous Vanouver songwriters for a songwriter in the round show (Tariq, David Newberry and Rick Maddocks), and on Wendesday I fly to Edmonton for a holiday show at the Artery. Playing at that show alongside Billie Zizi and Braden Gates. Looking forward to reconnecting with the tundra again this holiday season.

Writing and gigging writing and gigging writing and gigging. Say that ten times out loud.


New video released for, "Sorry"



Just a thought.

About the only thing you can count on for certain in life is that things won't ever stay the same. The nature of this universe is constant evolution. This is said by some to be a blessing and others a curse. I am most certain this is a blessing. Nature has a way of leveling the playing field for a while, until things are twisted turned upside down again, and this is just as it should be. The greatest pleasure is to sit back and reflect on the storyline when you're not in the thick of it, and the clearest skies come after the worst of the storm. If there was no dark how could you know light? The sad part is when you're illuminated you can't see the shadows, and when you're in the shadows you can't see the light. It takes a strong mind to remember either when the other is not there.

Want to host a house concert?

Hey folks. This coming April (roughly the 8th-20th)  I am planning a house concert tour of B.C. and Alberta. I'm sending out a request to anybody who would be willing to host a private concert in your house in any city or town from Vancouver to Edmonton. There are a few basic things neccesary to host one of these concerts;

-A house with an open space that would be ideal to set up chairs and put cushions on the floor to host a small audience (at least 20 seats)

-The willingness to promote the concert among your friends and family

-A friend or yourself would have to be on-hand to run door and ticket-taking duties

Here is a good article that goes into detail about the ins and outs of hosting a house concert:

If interested, please email at

Much love,


New plans, new tunes and new tour

Well the "Monday Morning" release was a success. The songs received attention from press like Exclaim! and the album has been added to 40 radio stations across Canada. It's been a nice month or so of down time, but that's about all I can take before I start to get antsy. I've got new songs brewing, and am beginning to miss the road already.

The plan is still to cozy up for the winter, but my intent is to release a new little EP before the spring, and book a tour for most likely mid-April. Tentative schemes to tour Ontario and Quebec are in the works as well. The plans right now are speculative but are solidifying themselves more and more. Even as we speak.

It's been a crazy few months, and it feels weird and nice to be idle. I sometimes feel guilty about it. Maybe that's something I need to work on...

Keeping you updated;


New live video

Hey folks! Check out this recording of "Sundrunk", taken from a show at CBC Plaza in Vancouver this past summer;


Tour wrap up, feeling satisfied

I'm now back at home in Vancouver after my run of shows to support Monday Morning. Feeling very warm and satisfied with the release of the new album. As always, it seems like the release day will never come, and before you know it you're looking back at all the months of hard work, now coming to fruition. The Red Deer show I mentioned in my last blog post was followed with gigs in Edmonton, Victoria and Seattle. All were lovely, and it was great to see some friendly faces and meet new fans along the way. Thanks to all who made the shows happen.

Feeling very grateful for my life tonight and for the ability to make music. Happy to live in such a gorgeous city as Vancouver and to be surrounded by such good company. The next couple months will be spent at a bit of a slower pace, but I'll be sure to be hitting the road again in the not too distant future. Probably some shows in eastern Canada will be in the cards, but I need a bit of recovery time after the past year of such hard work. I'm sure it won't take long for me to get antsy.

For anyone who hasn't heard the tracks from Monday Morning yet, you can hear them all for free on Soundcloud:

Keeping you updated,


New album out now!

Well folks, I'm sitting here at the hotel in Revlestoke, and I'm on day 2 of my album release tour. The release party was Thursday night in Vancouver. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen! The press response has been great so far. If you would like to preview all the new songs, follow the soundcloud link here:

Now I'm off to Red Deer to play at the Velvet Olive. I'll write a more detailed update on here soon.

Much love,




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Check back soon for show postings